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Jai Shankar Prasad was born in Varanasi, uttar Pradesh. His writings present a poignant illustration of the village, town, nature and life, full of sensitivity and poetry renderings. He was an epoch-making author who has penned several glorious works in Hindi, in the field of poetry, drama, story and novel. In the form of a poet, he became distinguished as one of the pillars of shadow with Nirala, Pant and Mahadevi Verma. The novel 'Titli' is known as Jaishankar Prasad's second best composition. This novel gives a detailed depiction and blatant exposure of the problems faced by the farmers living in an agrarian society and highlights the intricacies of rural life. The plot primarily revolves around the central protagonist, Titli, whose struggles amidst the rigidity of rural life, makes this novel a casket of emotional essences, which every reader can relate to!

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